Beehive Removal Tips

If you fancy being swarmed by hundreds of bees, then go ahead use a pressure washer to get rid of the beehive. Pressure washers will do the trick but the consequences you get to suffer after the hive is gotten rid of will be intense.

Let’s see how so!


Bees as all of you know are extremely useful creatures beneficial to the environment, humans and animal life. They can provide us with food, honey, wax and other products which are of great use in daily life. Furthermore, the environment blooms up because of them because they help in the pollination of plants.

So in a way, gratitude is the only thing we should associate a bee with however just like any other thing, bees also come with a disadvantage and that is a “sting”. They sting when threatened or harmed. And the sting can be very painful also in extreme cases can cause fatal injury or harm to the health of a human being or an animal as well.

Use of Pressure Washers for Beehive

Some of us continue to remain fascinated by the bug life while the rest of us are severely allergic to them and don’t want them anywhere near us. Bees reside in beehives and these are usually available everywhere in every size. In homes, people try to get rid of it while outside you usually let them be. Nowadays however, many think that by using a pressure washer they can get rid of a beehive.

While this is mostly true, it can be extremely dangerous depending upon the size of a beehive. If the beehive you plan on using the washer on is small, then you’re good to go but if it is a huge beehive then it is strongly advised for you to let professionals handle it.

The reason is because the use of pressure washers on a beehive does the trick but when bees are slightly threatened, they fly out and attack the culprit in groups completely surrounding them hence sometimes causing fatal injuries. Once the pressure washer is used, the hive will be destroyed after two or three waves but the bees will come pouring out in the form of a swarm and you will suffer a sting or two.

A success caught live on video!

Calling for Help

Calling for specific help when you spot a beehive is for your best because they know how to deal with it. Also, as already discussed, bees contribute a lot to the environment, people and animal life so the professionals usually allow the bees to pollinate and create elsewhere which provides a win-win situation.

How? Because your home is free from an infestation while the bees are saved. Pressure washers will kill many bees and with their population already going down the notch, it will be best to avoid doing so. Hence call for help when you spot a hive instead of taking matters in your own hands and harming yourself in the process!

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