Benefits of using honey for skin care

Honey is always known to be a wonderful ingredient which we can find in our homes. There are several benefits which we can get for our skin from honey. As honey has natural antibacterial properties it is best to prevent and treat any acne problems that may arise. Honey is fully loaded with lots of antioxidants that slow down the aging process. It also helps in adding glow and boosts skin complexion as its soothing and provides required moisture to the skin. Honey also opens the pores and makes it easy to unclog. 

  • DIY honey mask: Raw honey when applied as a layer of mask over the skin, it can unclog the pores while providing moisture to the skin. It has to be applied on damp skin and rub in circular motions and leave for 30 minutes. Later can rinse off gently with warm water which makes the skin radiant and soft.
  • Spot treatment: Honey is the best treatment for pimples and acne breakouts. Honey can either be used directly over the affected area or can be used in combination with lavender or tea tree oils in order to get the additional natural cleansing effect.
  • Cleanser: Honey acts as a wonderful cleanser when it’s been mixed with any of your favorite plant oils or even spices. It has the ability to dissolve deep makeup as well. Honey can be mixed with any of the coconut or jojoba oil to form a balmy texture or can also add turmeric, cinnamon, etc. This can be applied and massaged over face to loosen heavy makeup while moistening the skin.
  • Honey exfoliator: 2 parts of honey mixed with 1 part of arm and hammer baking soda can definitely be a great exfoliate for skin which can be used once or twice a week. Baking soda provides light exfoliation while honey smoothens and soothes the skin. It can be applied to the entire body whether it is your arms, feet, legs, etc.
  • Honey bath: Usually winters are very dry and make the skin cracked and rough. In such conditions opting for a honey bath can definitely soothe the skin. One can add 2 cups of honey to the running bath in order to create the smooth bliss. After soaking for 15 minutes arm and hammer baking soda can be added for the final 15 minutes which can remove the dead skin cells from the body.