Some common skin problems of infants

Majority of newborn babies suffer a skin rash at one time or another and many of those skin rashes are seen to disappear without treatment. But there are many other skin rashes which are accompanied by itchiness, fever as well as other symptoms. 

Here we will discuss about some of the most prevalent skin rashes in children.

Rashes with no itching or fever

Milia (blocked oil glands)

It is generally seen in newborn children as they develop small white spots on their face, especially surrounding the nose. These white spots are called milia which are just blocked pores. You don’t need to worry much as they are not itchy or contagious and easily get cured within a few weeks without treatment. Some other harmless skin rashes in babies are known as Erythema toxicum, baby acne, nappy rash. These are cleared up within a few weeks.

Besides these harmless rashes babies also develop some itchy rashes which would require doctors help to cure them completely. 

Rashes with itchiness or fever


This type of skin problems cause babies to feel high discomfort as it makes the skin gets dry, itchy and cracked, especially in the creases at elbow and knee area. It can be treated with corticosteroid creams that helps to reduce inflammation, and moisturisers to cure skin dryness. Generally certain types of foods or soaps can trigger thus skin problems in babies.

Ringworm (tinea)

Ringworm is a mild skin infection that is contagious. This type of skin problem causes ring shaped red rashes with a clear centre. It can appear in almost any part of the body and caused by a fungal infection. Doctors suggest antifungal creams for its treatment. 

Babies also develop heat rashes when they get hot in humid atmosphere. This rashes with tiny red bumps or blisters can be extremely itchy. 

When to seek doctor’s help

Irrespective of the age it is always necessary to consult a doctor if your baby has skin rashes along with persistent high temperature, swollen neck glands cold or cough symptoms.